SOTD – Believe (Cher Cover for Triple J’s Like A Version) by DMA’s

The vast majority of modern youngsters hear the name Cher and either question “Share? Share what? With who?” or recognize the dated Goddess of Pop’s slew of overplayed radio ditties from which only their mom can squander enjoyment. To most others, Cher’s songs sound like the background music in life’s waiting room. Most people can recite her choruses after involuntarily hearing them thousands of times on “pop hits” radio stations, yet a minuscule percentage of those people have actually purchased her music.

An insightful refutation to that worn out characterization came from Australia’s DMA’s during their performance on the Aussie radio station Triple J. As lead singer Tommy O’Dell concurred with the radio show host, people give Cher’s music “a real hard time…but when you break it down, the songs are actually amazing.” The domestically cherished Australian band has flown miles under the radar internationally speaking, but their tribute to Cher’s mega hit “Believe” shows their appreciation to the foreign gems of song writing that shaped today’s pop scene. O’Dell may not be able to hit that iconic high note that Cher had built a career around, but the avoided octave is made up for by the captivating Australian tinge. With heavy accents and gritty, unlabeled swagger, DMA’s give “Believe” a taste of personal flavor that can only be summed up by a lead singer ironically trying (and succeeding) to sing one of Cher’s greatest hits with a piece of estranged chewing gum in his mouth. I’m assuming that gum is mint flavor, because this cover is fresh. Sorry, I couldn’t resist…


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