SOTD – Honest Affection by Kye Kye

“Enough with the slow, sappy ballads, FeenyFresh!” Chill friends, we can turn it up a notch if you really want. “Honest Affection” brings a unique level of chaos to the electronic-indie space, pumping virtual adrenaline straight through listeners’ speakers and into their bloodstream. The song gives listeners a strong sense of urgency while the lyricism promotes a tale of pursuing love in the wake of disarming vices.Not intense enough for you yet? Just wait until you watch the music video…

History buffs like myself will be glued to the screen watching this audio-visual mashup, which sends chills with its repurposed wartime propaganda in conjunction with sleek Japanese artistry. The smooth and piecing blade-work of the Japanese warrior serves as a metaphorical representation of lead singer Olga Yagolnikov Phelan’s delicately sharp vocals. She cuts through the organized instrumental turbulence with a demeanor that stabilizes the surrounding uproar. Her powerful voice along with the boisterous backdrop swirl parallel to each other into a hurricane of emotion, stimulating an art that the video’s visual representation captures flawlessly.


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