SOTD – Seaweed by Fruit Bats

After a long weekend of patriotic parties, reconnecting with extended family members and/or old friends, and gasping at colorful explosives, some light acoustic-fueled relaxation is beyond necessary. As the second SOTD band from Chicago in a row, Fruit Bats represent a much more mellowed out end of Chi-town’s musical spectrum with influences clearly lying with jam bands of the seventies like Grateful Dead and Supertramp. They recently returned from a five year hiatus to release their sixth studio album “Absolute Loser.” It may not live up to the same semi-famous standards that Fruit Bats achieved back in 2003 with their album “Mouthfuls” when they were touring with world renowned bands like The Shins and Modest Mouse, nor did it make any of my “Best of” playlists, but it’s worth the listen for hungry music fans regardless.

“Seaweed” is a pristine example of why I need to learn to play the guitar as soon as possible. No, I’m not trying to be “that guy” who unnecessarily belts out Wonderwall on some college quad. But performing some quirky songs for/with friends when sporadic singalong opportunities arise at appropriate shindigs would be a dream come true for the nerdy music junky you all know and (hopefully) love as FeenyFresh. Oh how I await to see the faces of the the small crowd change from wide grins to confused smirks as I follow up the first few upbeats chords with the lyrics “If I broke my jaw for you, I’d find the bloody tooth and rip it out.” I have no idea why that reaction makes me laugh…maybe I’m more of a geek than I thought…


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