SOTD – Wings by Little Simz

No one likes commercials. Once in a while though, a commercial pops up that smushes a masterpiece of videography into a highly consumable yet remarkably artistic 30 seconds. A massive part of these surprisingly entertaining fractions of a minute is often the edited soundtrack, which will frequently display an underground track that catches the listener by surprise with its originality and shades of oddity. That exact set of emotions came over me when I saw the new¬†iPhone commercial entitled “The Beautiful Game” directed at a soccer-based target market, which featured this song as a major attention-grabbing draw.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it is not easy to impress me with rap/hip hop music. There’s just something about English rappers with fairly heavy accents that attracts me to the genre however, and it certainly doesn’t hurt when rappers like Little Simz use creative combinations of bluesy instrumentals and modern electronic synths to support their poetry. The English actor-turned-rapper is in no way trying to mimic other artists who followed the same path of the arts such as Drake or Will Smith, nor do I want her to considering the niche space in hip hop she currently occupies.


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