SOTD – If So by Atlas Genius

Has there been a week that’s gone by without an Australian crew sneaking their way onto the blog? I’m too lazy too check, but I seriously doubt it. Composed of Keith and Michael Jeffry on vocals/guitar and drums respectively and accompanied by Darrell Sell on keyboard, Atlas Genius has experienced monstrous success during their brief existence. “If So” reached number 8 on the Billboard Alternative Songs Chart, with their album “When It Was Now” climbing all the way to number 38 on the United States Billboard 200 Charts.┬áThey’ve even got your classic “we built a recording studio in our parent’s garage” and “our local pub was the main funding behind the recording of our first singles” backstory, which is hard not to love.

There’s something about family bands that gets me so amped. Seriously, imagine if you and your sibling(s) or other members of your family all played different instruments and toured around the country (or the world in this case) playing and writing music for a living. Forget that awkward phase where you have to learn about all the weird quirks of living with band members on the road, The Jeffery brothers and other family bands like Hunts, FMLYBND, or Kopecky have grown up living with their band members under the same roof. Jealousy doesn’t begin to describe how I feel towards these bands and their lives of tight knit excitement.


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