SOTD – Plumage by Menomena

WARNING: This video is incredibly distracting and may cause you to miss the actual song that’s playing. In actuality however, the video is quite indicative of Menomena’s tendencies as a band. Justin Harris and Danny Seim are a multi-talented duo as the only two members of this Portland, Oregon indie rock band, as they share singing duties and frequently swap instruments while recording. During concerts they can’t switch instruments as cleanly, so Harris plays electric guitar, baritone guitar, electric bass, foot synthesizer, baritone saxophone, and alto saxophone, while Seim plays drums and other percussion. Seems easy enough…

I gotta say, some quotes I find in researching these bands make me laugh so damn hard strictly based on the fact that the people that make the music I love are so uniquely strange and interesting. Many people assume that the band’s name comes from a staple song of The Muppet Show “Mah Nà Mah Nà,” but when asked where the band name comes from, they simply answered that it was chosen for “the way it rolls off the tongue, sexually, or something” and that it has no specific meaning. Honestly, if that isn’t the best explanation for a a band’s name, or lack thereof, I don’t know what is.


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