SOTD – Home by Dan Croll

Easter weekend’s here and its time to head back to wherever you call home. As Newcastle, England native Dan Croll stresses with this song, family time is crucial around this time of year (or any time of year for that matter). Growing up in a farm town, I’m not really a huge fan of how Croll puts a knock on rural living with the line “In the forest its unlikely that you’ll find a home so tidy compared to what its like living like a city type, why it’s no home.” Regardless, its the concept of the song that matters, and I can certainly resonate with Croll’s message that home is where the heart is

Dan Croll was first noticed when attended Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts at the age of 18. He was awarded one-on-one time with Sir Paul McCartney after being selected as one of the top eight students in his class, which can be seen in a photo shown around 1:21 in the music video. During his time at this school he won the National Songwriter of the Year Award from the Musician’s Benevolent Fund. He has since released one studio album “Sweet Disarray” in 2014.


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