SOTD – Karaoke by Smallpools

We’re a couple days into spring break and at this point you should be partying hardy. Today’s the day to get just plain silly, friends. Smallpools, a high-energy, synth and drum driven indie-pop band out of Los Angeles that will get you up out of your seat and dancing in the street. This song is inspired by the band’s legitimate need as young songwriters to enhance their ability to play in front of a live audiences by frequently going out to karaoke bars and and in front of a random people.

I also found it funny that the original two band members, Sean Scanlon (vocals) and Mike Kamerman (guitar), met each other through “MySpace bands.” Everybody’s friend Tom would be so proud (if you don’t know what I’m talking about you obviously didn’t have a MySpace).

So head out to the bars and sing your heart out in front of a bunch of strangers, because who cares about all those jabronis who you’ll never see again? Not you, that’s who.


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