SOTD – Boy by Ra Ra Riot

I’ve always been a sucker for songs that emphasize uncommon instruments, and Ra Ra Riot has never been shy of doing just that. The violinist and cellist are possibly the most integral members of the band which is not often seen but refreshing nonetheless, while their bassist almost unnaturally but excitingly stands at the forefront of this particular song. Ra Ra Riot have stayed a bit as of late toward more electronic alternative music, but their earlier songs like Boy are just plain classic in my book.

I’ll never forget seeing this song live at the first music festival I ever attended. There was one kid dancing like a madman next to the stage completely by himself, and half of the dances he was doing weren’t even dances since he was basically just flailing his arms or doing weird hand motions. Soon enough someone near me started jokingly copying every move that he was doing. That person’s friends started tagging along, and within a minute of the song starting everyone in the crowd was copying this one kid’s crazy dances. I clearly remember the entire band being beyond confused at what was going on for almost the entire song until the cellist finally saw the kid next to the stage and started laughing hysterically while playing her instrument. That’s just pure alternative entertainment that cant be found elsewhere…gotta love a band that brings people together like that!


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